St Michaels Secondary School.

St Michaels Secondary School. Adam Palmer (Head) says;

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you about the opening of St Michael's on the 7th September 2018.  I am also grateful to Canon John for giving me, this opportunity and I hope that I can keep you updated about the shaping and development of our new school as we welcome the first cohort of 120 Year 7 pupils to our temporary site at Bierton Road. Catholic secondary education is here in Aylesbury and it is about to thrive. The excitement of pupils and the goodwill and support of parents, as well as staff from primaries, has been really inspiring as we strive to build on the excellent work that our primary schools do in walking alongside our children on their educational and spiritual journey. Fifty percent of this year group is made up of pupils transferring from St Edward's Catholic Junior School and St Louis Catholic Primary School.

We also have pupils coming from 19 other primaries across the whole of the town. The pupils came together for their Transition Day on the 3rd July looking very excited and ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. On that day we communicated a clear and ongoing message about just how unique we are as the pioneering year group and how we will commit to using our God-given talents to make history in Aylesbury. We want to ensure that every day we walk into our school, we simply do our best in all that we do, in an environment where we share that sense of belonging and inclusion that Jesus preaches in the parable of the Good Shepherd. If we do this, there is no doubt that there will be many great future leaders who will emerge and go on and serve the whole community with great love and compassion.”


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RCIA Programme

We commence sharing with those who wish to explore our Catholic faith on the 25th October at 19.30hrs in St Joseph’s Church. All are welcome from any faith  to explore what it means to be Catholic. If you wish to join us just come to the first meeting and talk to us about our programme which will include weekly meetings ending at Easter with reception into the Catholic Church for those who wish.